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Pleased to say that the following will appeal to font lovers and typography enthusiasts. Read on if you are up to extend your font library without giving your wallet a heart attack.

With The Typography Lover’s Essential Collection from Design Cuts you’ll have typefaces on your hands full of modernity, elegance, boldness and detail. My top favorite is BR Hendrix, but choosing your favorite font is like choosing your favorite color, an impossible choice to make. Other favorites are the elegant Ageo, Parnas, Nocturne Serif, and the fun Organetto (top right in the header image) where you can play with the multiple widths, but also Facundo (not included in the image). Below shows just a small fragment of what’s included. …


Veerle Pieters

Belgian graphic/web designer, author of Veerle’s blog and chief of the playground at Duoh! Loves soulful deep house music & riding her bicycle. Vive le vélo!

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