The Font Lover’s Complete Versatile Collection

Currently 2019 might be winding down, but you want to be seriously prepared for anything that 2020 throws at you design wise. A huge upgrade to your font library would certainly help with that. More about this latest font bundle after the jump…

Hand-picked selection

It’s another hand-picked selection of fonts that are fully decked out with goodies that are perfect for logos, packaging and eye catching display text. The typefaces in this collection come with numerous weights and styles and include stylistic alternates, OpenType features for professional use, which you simply don’t find in free fonts. Some even have additional bonuses containing additional creative resources. As always the quality is on par because you also get the web fonts, something you have to pay extra for normally. Below are some of my personal picks.


Chatillon is an elegant sans serif font with a super exquisite appearance. Its clean shapes and remarkable details makes it perfect for logos, branding, magazines, headlines, websites and more! Besides alternate characters and standard ligatures, Chatillon comes with a set of 20 beautiful vector icons — perfect for logo design! Finally, the creator additionally included all logo templates used in its presentation to speed up your creation process.

Chatillon is an elegant sans serif font with a super exquisite appearance.
Included in this set: the font, 20 Vector Icons and logo & layout templates (.AI)

Agile Sans

Agile Sans is a contemporary humanist font family with classicist roots. Hence its name, Agile Sans suits many occasions from branding to publications, web and applications. From formal to casual, bold to refined, this font covers it all. Agile Sans comes with nine weights with corresponding true-italics. Built-in small capitals and several numeral styles are included as well.

If you’re looking for an alternative to more common humanist sans serifs, look no further and grab a future classic.

Nine weights with corresponding true-italics.

Quiche Flare

Quiche Flare is a high-contrast, flared serif typeface featuring foxtail ball terminals, swash capitals, and geometric proportions. This 14 font family is made up of weights ranging from thin to black with matching italics, making them useful for a variety of display applications: print, web, branding, advertising, magazines, products, packaging, labels, invitations, stationery, fashion and more! The design exhibits both elegance and a touch of whimsy with the foxtail terminals. The flared serifs add more interest, beauty, and movement to the characters, while the large x-height helps it appear modern and bold.

Quiche Flare comes with web fonts too.
This 14 font family is made up of weights ranging from thin to black with matching italics.


Heirloom is a font family reflecting the soft and friendly forms from the 1970s. It’s all about having chill vibes and natural earthy roots. Heirloom’s refined and approachable characteristics allow it to be very readable while exuding a modern relaxed attitude.

Language Support: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German.
3 weights — light, regular & bold.

As a special holiday treat, this bundle will be available for a little longer than usual, and all at the great price of $29 USD. Happy shopping!

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