The Treasure Trove of Fonts for Typography Lovers

We are in the first week of March and I only wanted to let all of you know that there is a new exciting font bundle that just got launched for a limited time. For those that are new to these font bundles, it’s a way to save a lot of money on quality fonts. For example this one would cost you $3207 if you would buy them all separately. Let’s jump right in!

Typography lovers Pay Attention!

Let’s admit it, we all love having a big collection of fonts that we can browse around in each time we have a project. Problem is they can often be far too expensive for the average designer to afford. I do know that craftsmanship and quality costs money when we are talking about premium fonts. In all honesty, I usually can afford just one, but never a big family. That’s where this new bundle ‘The Treasure Trove of Fonts for Typography Lovers’ comes in. This bundle brings you a range of unique fonts from a select group of respected type designers and font foundries. Let’s dig into some of my personal favorites.

Hello My Love

“Hello My Love” is a font love story — a match made in heaven, inspired by the designer’s own long and happy marriage. A classic hand-lettered script with a modern and fresh feel, it sweetly dances across the page working beautifully with current designs and yet is sure to stand the test of time.

Included in this set: Hello My Love script font and Hello My Love ornaments font


Grobek is a serif typeface inspired by Garamond and American Typewriter fonts as well as classic 15th century typefaces. Its main features are a diagonal stress and soft curved teardrop shape terminals. Grobek comes in 8 weights, from Thin to Heavy, with matching italics- 32 styles in all. The font consists of 2 subfamilies: the basic family is classic yet contemporary while the alternative version has a stronger personality and allows more design freedom.

Grobek has 32 font styles
Grobek comes in 8 weights


Lufga is a geometric sans serif font family with unique characters for a touch of distinction. Simple yet sophisticated, this typeface design gives a clean and modern appearance while carrying some almost retro tones. Most notably, the lowercase g and u make it recognizable for your branding applications, and there are also stylistic alternates to help give a little different presentation when needed.

With a minimal design, low contrast, large x-height, and thin through black weights (with italics), Lufga is well suited as both a workhorse text and display font for branding, advertising, packaging, headlines, magazines, websites, logo designs, and more.

18 fonts (thin through black with italics)
Stylistic alternates (G, a, g, u, w)

Dexa Pro

Dexa Pro was designed by Ceyhun Birinci in 2020 to create a contemporary super family with inspiration from classic sans serif families. Dexa Pro is a workhorse family consisting of 72 fonts in condensed, narrow, normal and expanded widths. Each width has 18 fonts in thin to black weights, along with their true italic counterparts. With more than 770 glyphs per font, it offers a ton of language support from all the Latin languages to Cyrillic.

A workhorse family consisting of 72 fonts
With more than 770 glyphs per font


Omnipop Brush is a forward leaning brush script with a somewhat heavy complexion. It has a large x-height and it makes nice smooth and even texts. Omnipop Brush is equipped with Standard Ligatures and Contextual Alternates that are automatically on as they should be kept.

Omnipop Script is a monoline connected script simulating a smooth felt-tip pen. Script is equipped with Standard Ligatures and Contextual Alternates to keep the connections smooth. In addition Omnipop Script has Swash, Stylistic and Titling Alternates for extra show-off, and even more extra characters can be found in the glyphs window.

Omnipop Sans is a sturdy rounded all caps sans with a sort of geometric vibe to it. Anything you type with Omnipop Sans will look cheery and approachable. Omnipop fonts rock on their own but they also play great together in any order.

Omnipop Brush Regular, Omnipop Sans Regular, Omnipop Script Regular


Many of these fonts include 20–30 individual styles within the complete font family, or a massive total of 90 in the case of Masifa! Another bonus is that they all come with their web counterparts, usually something that you have to buy separately. Don’t forget there’s limited time only to get this collection at 99% off, reducing the cost to just $29. Remember, full licensing is also included to give you the confidence to use your new typefaces in your client work and commercial projects.

Get them now as this expires on Tuesday!

Note: This post includes an affiliate link for Designcuts, I’m super picky with this so I only do it for items that I already use myself, love, and would highly recommend to my readers. It also helps me to pay the bills for sending out my newsletter and the hosting of my blog. This way I can keep sharing inspîration and what I know for FREE.




Belgian graphic/web designer, author of Veerle’s blog and chief of the playground at Duoh! Loves soulful deep house music & riding her bicycle. Vive le vélo!

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Veerle Pieters

Veerle Pieters

Belgian graphic/web designer, author of Veerle’s blog and chief of the playground at Duoh! Loves soulful deep house music & riding her bicycle. Vive le vélo!

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