The Type Designer’s Sophisticated Font Kit Bundle

It’s that time again for us font lovers to rejoice! There’s this new handpicked selection of professional quality fonts, from sans-serif to classic serif, brush, calligraphy, display and many more. Just as always, each font family also come with a web version too. Pretty sweet if you know this bundle normally was $2058, now $29–99% off.

474 individual fonts

Are you a little hungry for new tools to take your branding, print and digital projects to the next level? Look no further than The Type Designer’s Sophisticated Font Kit. With a huge variety of classic and modern styles to choose from, this bundle has all of your font needs covered — from wedding invitations and books, to magazines, websites and packaging. Below are some of my personal picks.


Biennale is a geometric typeface with a strong character and a large x-height which make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, such as headlines or branding. The font comes in 11 weights, from Hair to Heavy, and includes matching italics. This one is my top favourite!


Günterhaus is a new serif typeface that comes in 2 variations, modern & transitional with regular & italic styles for both. This is a very versatile serif typeface that can be used for both titles and for large chunks of text.

Included in this set:

  • Günterhaus Modern Regular
  • Günterhaus Modern Italic
  • Günterhaus Transitional Regular
  • Günterhaus Transitional Italic


Cherione has a unique letterform, the lowercase designed the same height with the uppercase that gives a playfully look. Cherione font has a geometric shape and carefully adjusted to look elegant and minimalist. Perfect for fashion style, minimalist, luxury, kids, and joyful theme.

Cherione font family consists of 3 weights: Light, Normal, and Bold. So you can use this font set for many purposes such as logo, storefront, social media design, quote, name card, menu, magazine & editorial, signboard, poster and apparel needs.

Majora Pro

Majora Pro is a slab serif typeface which derives its name from a Portuguese historical toy manufacturer. The font comes in 8 styles, ranging from a delicate Thin to a robust Black, with matching italics and an upright version of stencil fonts, resulting in a total of 24 weights.

Majora Pro is well-suited to a wide range of design projects which include packaging, editorial design, screen use, etc. Its humanistic features and moderate contrast between thick and thin strokes make it also suitable for long block of texts while having a high degree of legibility. The font includes a set of alternate glyphs which help give your compositions a different and unique look.

The Stencil version was specially designed for use in signage, packaging, titles and headings.


Since this bundle has such a huge variety of classic and modern styles to choose from, it has all of our font needs covered — from wedding invitations and books, to magazines, websites and packaging. Each one has been expertly crafted by type designers and foundries with a serious passion for typography. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal as it expires March 3rd.

Get it on your SSD or HD for just $29.

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